Good afternoon, Runners. As a long weekend is about to start, we wanted to give you an update on the state of the game. A number of you have noticed a marked improvement in the performance and reliability of the servers as we’ve been working on fixes. This is, of course, excellent news! However, there are still some of you that are unable to reliably connect. We’re planning on putting out even more fixes very, very soon, that will help alleviate this issue for even more players.

Some of you have been seeing an issue where your League level is inaccurate, and does not advance. This is a very high priority issue for us, and we’re working to fix the issue causing these erroneous states. If you are affected by this issue, please let us know.

There have been cases of players seeing inconsistency in their various resources. We’re working on pushing a fix out for this particular issue ASAP.

A good number of you have responded to our Facebook poll regarding Alliance activities. Thank you very much Your feedback is always welcome, and we’ll be sure to pay close attention as we plan out future features.

We greatly appreciate the support and patience so many of you have been showing us, and we wanted you to know it means the world to everyone here at Subatomic Studios! We’re still working on making the game the best it can be for all players. We hope every single one of you has a good weekend, and a happy holiday!