If you’ve been following news here on the site, you already know we’re working on some fixes for you good folks. Earlier this month, we took care of the new version of iOS; this week, it’s time to show Android some love.

If you’ve been unable to run Fieldrunners 2 on your new-fangled telephony device, this update is for you. The game is now compatible with Android 5.0 (“Lollipop”) as well as Android 4.4 (“KitKat”) devices on the new Android runtime. Head on over to the Google Play Store for your update (unless you like when the game crashes immediately upon opening it, a.k.a. “The Anti-Procrastination Edition”). Plus, as an added bonus, Android users now get three new time trials at no additional cost! Beat the last map in a zone to unlock a new way to test your maze-making mettle. If you don’t see the new update available right away, try again in a bit; it can take a few hours to reach some users.

“Okay, whatever, great,” you may grumble, “But what about this other thing that has needed to be fixed since the freakin’ mesozoic era?”

Don’t fret, my friend. If it’s one of the issues listed in our Technical Support forum, we are aware of that issue and are actively working on it (especially if it’s the Lollipop update for Fieldrunners HD, which was also recently busted). If you don’t see your issue in our forum, though, please drop us a line at bugs@subatomicstudios.com. And don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates to come!