If the holidays stand for one thing, it’s goodwill toward humankind. If they stand for TWO things, the second thing is probably presents—and since presents for yourself totally count, consider checking out the Steam Holiday Sale by January 2nd to get 75% off Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2. Ring in the new year the right way: holed up indoors, basking in the warm glow of your monitor, taking out any residual resentment towards elfin toymakers on an army of wee clones.

If PC games don’t quite jingle your bells, don’t miss yesterday’s announcements for you mobile and handheld fans: The Fieldrunners Bundle for iPad is out now, with iPhone soon to come; plus, Fieldrunners 2 for PlayStation Vita is finally available for download in Europe, and hits the US PlayStation Store on December 23rd! It’s about as much holiday cheer as you can handle without drinking too much egg nog and accidentally knocking a tree covered in glass and wire on top of yourself. (Not that we’d know.)