This week is the 5 Year Anniversary of when we first launched Fieldrunners! To celebrate, we’ve put versions of Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2 on sale. The sale will only last a few days, so be sure to grab copies now! … Continue reading

Ready for new games? Unconfirmed reports indicate that Subatomic Studios has a new game on the way. How exciting! To help consolidate all the info, we’ve created a brand spanking new Subatomic Newsletter. Sign up for our newsletter to get: … Continue reading

Fieldrunners 2 is now available on Blackberry! We’ve had tons of requests asking us to bring our TD game to that platform, so we’re all very excited to now be supporting Blackberries. You can now get Fieldrunners 2 for the … Continue reading

Get ready PS Vita owners, Fieldrunners 2 is coming your way this summer! We’ll be showing off the PS Vita version of Fieldrunners 2 in the Sony booth at E3, so come by and give our pride and joy a … Continue reading

Our award-winning tower defense game is now available on Google Play! The endless clone army of Fieldrunners has spread. Get ready Android owners! – Click here to get Fieldrunners 2 for Android! – What’s in the Game? 25 different levels … Continue reading

Get the critically acclaimed tower defense game on Google Play next Wednesday   We are excited to say that the Android version of our hit tower defense game, Fieldrunners 2, is launching on April 24th – that’s next Wednesday! Do … Continue reading

The Big Announcement! Fieldrunners 2 is coming to Android in April! All our Android fans have been clamoring for the game since it launched on iOS last July, so we are pleased to say the development is almost complete. Do … Continue reading

Our good friends at GamerGuides have created an awesome strategy guide for Fieldrunners 2! They’ve played every map, used every weapon, and unlocked every card, so if you’re stuck, this guide is definitely for you. Their team has shown incredible dedication, … Continue reading

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Show your support and vote now! Fieldrunners 2 is nominated for best Strategy/Simulation game.   The Pocket Gamer Awards recognizes the best in mobile and handheld gaming. This year, fans will determine the which game reigns supreme in a number of categories. … Continue reading