Click here to check out the Indie Royale Thoughtful Bundle!

The latest Indie Royale bundle is here, featuring a whole slew of awesome games, including the original Fieldrunners. Get a bunch of awesome games by Boston based indie studios for the cheapest prices ever by grabbing the Indie Royale Thoughtful Bundle now!

What is in the bundle?

These five games are for PC & Mac and can be downloaded directly or redeemed on Steam or Desura. So save yourself some cash by getting this bundle before it is gone.

How does Indie Royale work?

Here is the breakdown – the more people that buy the bundle, the lower the price goes! At the time of this article, the bundle is a steal for a little over $5.00. If you pay more than $8.00  then you will get an additional chiptunes album (Night Animals by Bright Primate). Well, what are you waiting for?? Go out there and grab that bundle!

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