Listen up solders:

Free Game Friday is here.  This time we’re gonna try something a little different.  We’re going to try…

A Field Runners poem contest.

That’s right, Soldiers.  Poetry!  That’ll help us hit the Runners where it hurts!  Right…?

Our good friends over at Owlchemy Labshave put up a free copy of their hit iPhone game Snuggle Truck.  We call it “inspiration.”  You’ll call it a “sweet prize.”

On top of this snuggle-rific sweetness, the winner will also get a promo code for Fieldrunners on iPhone. No iPhone? NO PROBLEM. We’ll be picking two winners – one iPhone owner AND ONE ANDROID OWNER! The lucky Android owner will get TWO copies of Fieldrunners HD! Why two copies? BECAUSE I SAID SO, SOLDIER!


  • 1 copy of Fieldrunners for iPhone and 1 copy of Snuggle Truck for iPhone
  • 2 copies of Fieldrunners HD for Android

Here’s how you win:

  • Write a poem about Fieldrunners
  • Like our Fan Page on Facebook
  • Post your poem on our Facebook Fan Page
  • Do it by 12:00AM Eastern Time tonight
  • On Monday, we’ll announce our two favorite poems (one from an iPhone owner, one from an Android owner) and contact the winners with their awesome prizes


I hate you, bikers.
I hate you with all my might.
Eat some flamethrower.

EXAMPLE POEM (also by Eric):
Flame towers are red,
Teslas are blue,
Run through my grasslands
I’ll fry your whole crew.

Got it? GOOD.

As an added bonus, if we get over 50 poems submitted, we’ll give away something extra special. So spread the word!

For those of you living in a cave, unaware of the physics-based driving game greatness that is Snuggle Truck: Show some respect!  Click the link to their trailer below so you can see what this game is all about.

Smuggle Truck / Snuggle Truck Release Trailer

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And of course, stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Subatomic Studios!

Good luck!