As holidays draw near and folks gather ’round the dinner table, you can count on one thing: mayhem. Fortunately, this year you can save the day by introducing friends and family to your favorite maze-building, tower-defending, clone-clobbering mobile games. This month, Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2 are available together in discounted bundles for iOS, and Fieldrunners 2 finally makes its long-awaited debut on the PlayStation Vita!

If you’ve got an iPad (or a loved one who deserves better games on theirs), grab both apps together today in the Fieldrunners Bundle for iPad—that’s two games at 25% off for over 20 hours of fun. If you prefer a smaller screen, the iPhone bundle is on its way soon after! It’s enough to bring a smile to even the cheapest of your loved ones (except maybe that one weird uncle who keeps regifting old ashtrays).

And if that weren’t enough to prove that holiday miracles can happen, we’re excited to announce that Fieldrunners 2 completes its long journey to the PlayStation Vita (because if finally delivering this game to our Vita fans isn’t miraculous, we don’t know what is). If you shop on the US PlayStation Store, look out for that download on December 23rd—and if you’re on the European PlayStation Store, go grab it now!

So, anticipating some drama this season? Tired of having to justify your career, dating life, and perfectly healthy gaming habits to the fam? Before you reach for the cutlery, consider settling disputes with same-device multiplayer in Fieldrunners HD, or sharing strategies for Fieldrunners 2’s sudden death rounds. If all else fails, just remember the lesson that Fieldrunners taught you: When life throws you lemons, polymorph it into livestock using the power of mad science.