We’ve been quiet for some time here on the interwebs, but behind the scenes, we’re hustling to make our games the best they can be. And now, we are happy to announce the first in a series of updates you’ve been waiting for: A fix for Fieldrunners for iPad is now live on the App Store!

If you’re an iOS 8 user who has been having trouble saving progress, this update is for you. Depending on your region, it may take a little while for the update to be available to you, but if it says “Updated: Nov 12,” you’re good to go! We’re super, super, very sincerely sorry for all the lost saved games, and we’re amazingly grateful for the players who wrote in with details to help us get to the bottom of this. If it’s any small consolation, I can at least assure you that, as the guy who played about thirty bajillion waves of Grasslands while testing this fix, restoring my own lost progress has rebuilt me into a mighty, maze-making machine.

If that’s not your winner for “Most Anticipated Bug Fix,” don’t worry—we’ve got more in the pipeline. If you’re experiencing any problems with our games, drop by our Technical Support forum for troubleshooting tips and notes on what we’re still investigating. We’re still working out some kinks over there (like making it so anybody besides me can actually create new forum posts), but feel free to email bugs@subatomicstudios.com if you need help with an issue that isn’t covered in any thread already.

In the meantime, keep an eye on Subatomicstudios.com and our Facebook and Twitter pages for more news! (We promise you won’t have to wait half a year for our next update.)