Fieldrunners is now in closed beta on Steam!

Find us at PAX East for free game codes!

That’s right! We’re excited to announce that Fieldrunners is coming to Steam for both Mac and PC for just $4.99!  Fieldrunners on Steam will include all 8 maps from the original game, plus a new tower and new modes from Fieldrunners Chrome.  Our team will be at PAX East on Friday and Saturday to help spread the good news.  Come find us to get your free Steam key for Fieldrunners so that you can join in on the ultimate tower defense experience!

The Steam version of Fieldrunners is looking and playing better than ever. To make sure things are absolutely perfect, we’re starting off with a closed beta that will last about a month.  Since this is a beta, the more people testing, the better, so be prepared to stop those pesky fieldrunners once again!  To get in to the closed beta, come find our team at PAX  – keys are limited at this point, so it will be on a first come first serve basis.  To be clear, these keys convert to full paid versions of the game once we finish the beta, so you’ll end up with a free copy of Fieldrunners.  To thank you all for your support, we’ll be giving a discount on our super secret upcoming project to everyone that gets a copy of Fieldrunners for Steam!

Look! Over there! A cat!

How exactly will you find us at PAX East?  I thought you’d never ask!  As you can see in the picture above, we’ve got awesome costumes custom made so that we can look just like the Fieldrunners!  We don’t have a booth, but we’ll be roaming the convention center as a group, dressed up and handing out free game codes to everyone that’s interested.

Thanks for all your support. We’re looking forward to giving you all free Fieldrunners Steam keys at PAX East!


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