We’re pleased to say that Fieldrunners for Steam is now available!  This version of the game is truly one of the best yet: it includes all 8 maps from the iPad version, as well as the new Poison Tower, Tower Combo modes, Sudden Death mode, and Time Trial mode we added to Fieldrunners Chrome.  We’ve also integrated hot keys, global leaderboards, achievements, and a whole slew of other treats for Fieldrunners fans!

Better yet, we’ve launched Fieldrunners for Steam at 40% off!  That’s right – for a limited time only, you can get our award winning tower defense game for only $2.99!

But wait, there’s more!

Why is this amazing blowout sale happening, you might ask?  Fieldrunners 2 was announced earlier this week, so we wanted to give fans the opportunity to snag the original Fieldrunners for cheap as a “thank you”.  On top of that, we’re also proud participants of the #BecauseWeMay Sale!


The #BecauseWeMay Sale was created by a group of developers that wanted to celebrate the platforms that allow developers to set the prices for their games.  This is a message that Subatomic proudly supports, so we’re pleased to be including several versions of Fieldrunners in the promotion!  Why is this control over prices important?  The freedom to set our own prices allows us to promote our games more freely, just like we’re doing here!


From May 24th through June 1st, every developer participating in this promotion (including Subatomic) will deeply discount their games in the stores that give people control over pricing.  Currently there are over 400 games participating in the sale!   Check out the full list by clicking the #BecauseWeMay banner above!


Thanks again for all your support! We hope you take this opportunity to grab Fieldrunners on a new platform and get in on the fun.  We’ll be announcing more news about Fieldrunners 2 and the original Fieldrunners over the next few months. For up to the minute info, follow us on Twitter (@Fieldrunners), stop by our Fan Page (facebook.com/Fieldrunners), and check out our Forums.