The new update to Fieldrunners HD is now available in Android Market. Version 1.04 fixes memory cache and install/download issues for almost all devices (any device with a 40mb memory cache). So, if you have been having trouble downloading or installing the game, head on over to Android Market and grab the new update – that should fix everything.

Click here for Fieldrunners HD in the Android Market

We’ve trimmed the file size down to 35mb, well under the 40mb memory cache of most phones, such as the HTC Desire. However, it’s still not small enough to download onto the 30mb memory cache in the Samsung Galaxy S1, Captivate, and Tab 7 when running Froyo. So, we’ll still be filtering these devices out of our Android Market page until we find a fix. The good news is that Google’s new split APK support is live – this should help us get the fix out for older Samsung devices much more quickly. We’ll keep you posted!

In addition to those fixes, we’ve added a super useful tool to help us make Fieldrunners even better: Google Analytics! It won’t impact your experience with the game in any way and we aren’t using it to track any personal info. What we are using it to track, though, is gameplay data. We can now see really cool stats, like the percentage of players unlocking Crossroads and the number of tower defense champions clearing 100 waves. This info accurately depicts where people are spending their time in Fieldrunners HD, and we can use it to fine tune the gameplay, continually making it more awesome for our fans.

Fun facts from our 12 hours of data in v1.04:

  • 23 seconds – Average time spent on each wave
  • 28% – Players in Grasslands on Easy that reach the 100th wave
  • 7% – Players in Grasslands on Medium that reach the 100th wave
  • 3.6% – Players have played Crystal Caves

How many waves have players reached in Endless mode so far? Let’s find out:

  • 349 waves – Grasslands on Easy
  • 65 waves – Grasslands on Medium
  • 20 waves – Grasslands on Hard
  • 101 waves – Crossroads on Easy
  • 99 waves – Crossroads on Medium
  • 24 waves – Crossroads on Hard
  • 101 waves – Drylands on Easy
  • 75 waves – Drylands on Medium
  • 0 waves – Drylands on Hard
  • 146 waves – Crystal Caves on Easy
  • 109 waves – Crystal Caves on Medium
  • 18 waves – Crystal Caves on Hard

Of course, this data is far from perfect – it only accounts for the first 12 hours after release and it only captured data from players that have updated to version 1.04, which is a much smaller number than the total amount of players so far. However, it’s still very cool to see how far players have made it in the new build.