Fieldrunners HD, now coming to the Amazon Appstore

Good news, everyone: Our dreams have come true – we’ll be releasing Fieldrunners HD for free for the first day!  This is all courtesy of Amazon, who noticed the trouble we’d been having and offered to help us out.  Thank you, Amazon!  We’re very excited that we can now give the game away for free for the first day, and I hope you’re all looking forward to this, too.  After all, we did this for you, the fans!

Unfortunately, this means that Fieldrunners HD will NOT be launching today.  However, we’re hoping that making the game free for the first day of its release on Amazon will make up for this.  We understand that non-US fans won’t be able to purchase the game while it’s in the Amazon Appstore – we feel your pain!  Our exclusivity period with Amazon will last two weeks, after which we will release Fieldrunners HD on other marketplaces that you will be able to access.  Our official release day on Amazon is still undecided, but it should be sometime very soon, and we will let you all know when it’s available… for free 😀

Again, we’re very sorry about the delays.  We wanted to give the game away for free to thank you all for your support, and Amazon stepped up in a big way, giving us the resources needed to make this happen.

[UPDATE: Hey guys, we hear you. We’re pulling strings to cut the exclusive period and release in non-US regions ASAP. Don’t fret, we don’t sell out.  We want you to be happy and enjoy Fieldrunners HD, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.  Seriously.]

[UPDATE 7/6/11: Fieldrunners HD is coming to the Amazon Appstore and Android Market tomorrow.  It will be Amazon’s Free App of the Day, and it will be on sale for (the equivalent of) $0.99 for the first 24 hours on Android Market.]