Fieldrunners, the award-winning and top-selling iPhone and iPod Touch game, is planning a revolutionary experience on Apple’s new iPad.

“We have chosen to name it ‘Fieldrunners for the iPad’ for a simple reason.” says Leo Montenegro, Creative Director of Subatomic Studios. “New features have been crafted to take full advantage of the iPad platform. It is not just another HD game port. You will still get to enjoy the same awesome game–with more fantastic graphics than ever–but we are adding new features that are game-changing, things that could not have been done on the iPhone. We are extremely excited as this brings the genre to a whole new level. When fans see what we have in store for them, they will be ecstatic. While we cannot reveal details just yet, let’s just put it this way: it’s one strategy, but double the fun!”

In addition to a ground-breaking experience, Fieldrunners for the iPad features:

  • Awesome visual style with high-definition graphics
  • Highly balanced, addictive and fun gameplay
  • New, spectacular visual effects
  • Music wonderfully themed to each environment
  • New but intuitive interface elements
  • All of the latest maps, fieldrunners, and towers – and more to come!

“We have created an entirely new way of playing Fieldrunners,” says Jamie Gotch, CTO of Subatomic Studios. “Once the iPad has launched, we will be able to fine-tune and test these new features so we can release them to our fans. You can also rest assured that we plan to support both free and paid DLC for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad well into the future.”

The iPad is being anticipated industry-wide to be as much of a game changer as the iPhone, featuring a cutting-edge full capacitive multi-touch interface for browsing, email, photos, video, music, games and books.

Fieldrunners for the iPad is available for purchase today for $7.99.

Promotional builds are available for press and reviewers. If interested please contact us!