As of earlier this week, we had an update for our server. There were a few fixes that went in, but we are also planning on putting some more, larger fixes in the near future.

Among some rare, smaller issues, we had two primary fixes that got made. If you still see a problem with these, or see something similar to them, please let us know!

In a number of non-English languages, the Doom Crate was saying that an Epic hero is guaranteed. This is not what is intended with this crate, and should not say that. There are still a few languages that it continues to say that in, however, so if you see it saying this in your language, give us a heads-up!

We also made an adjustment to trophy earnings. Some players were getting very, very high amount of trophies compared to most other players. We have made an adjustment so that the maximum possible trophies earned in a battle have been more normalized. Some players will still earn more or less than others, but the gaps will be far smaller now.

If you see any problems related to these issues, or anything new that’s started happening, please let us know!