Fieldrunners 2 is now available on Blackberry! We’ve had tons of requests asking us to bring our TD game to that platform, so we’re all very excited to now be supporting Blackberries. You can now get Fieldrunners 2 for the Q10, Z10 or Q5.

-Click here to visit Fieldrunners 2 on Blackberry-

While early reports mentioned that Fieldrunners 2 was only available for OS 10.2, we’ve since submitted an update that supports 10.1 and higher, so everyone should have no problem playing our game.

Thanks again for all your support. We tremendously appreciate all the enthusiasm and love our fans have for our games and are happy to continue bringing you awesome TD experiences.

Note: If you’re also waiting for the PSVita version of Fieldrunners 2, expect to hear more news about that soon.

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