Get ready PS Vita owners, Fieldrunners 2 is coming your way this summer! We’ll be showing off the PS Vita version of Fieldrunners 2 in the Sony booth at E3, so come by and give our pride and joy a play through! Email us at if you’d like to make an appointment.

If you’ve been following our #followthetrail treasure hunt/ARG, you may have seen the Vine video (posted below) yesterday evening teasing the announcement.



Fieldrunners 2 will come jam packed with all the towers you love.  You’ve still got the trusty Gatling Tower, but mix in a tower that throws bee hives at enemies and you’re ready to party! We’ve got towers that launch infectious syringes, guns that turn enemies into cows, flame throwing Jack O’Lanterns and more. On top of that, SubaLabs has also developed special, precision based attacks. Experience the magic of Christmas as Old Saint Nick lobs explosive presents from his sleigh with the devastating Santa Strike! With serious tactics and kooky weaponry, you are bound to have a blast with Fieldrunners 2.




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