Subatomic Studios is pleased to announce our newest game, Fieldrunners 2!  We’ve built a massive sequel based heavily on fan feedback from the original Fieldrunners, and plan to launch this new game on iPhone towards the end of June.  An iPad version will follow shortly afterwards, as well as more announcements about any additional platforms.   With more levels, more weapons, more enemies, and more ways to play, we’ve managed to pack a ton of gameplay into Fieldrunners 2 and hope that it will become the definitive tower defense experience for mobile gamers.

Fieldrunners 2 features over 20 beautifully hand-painted levels spanning four distinct zones.  From the grassy fields, to the scenic cities, and even the secret volcano base, Fieldrunners 2 has it all! Defending each unique map requires a new strategy, and the players are armed with more than 20 upgradeable towers and customizable loadouts to take on that challenge.  The limbo-of-death Link tower, the sniper-like Railgun tower, and the we-probably-shouldn’t-be-giving-this-to-people Nuke tower join doezens of others for powerful all-new defensive capabilities.  In addition to basic survival and newly revamped time trial maps, mind-bending puzzle maps and innovative sudden death maps have joined the fray.  Adding devastating air strikes and precision-based power up attacks to the mix means the fieldrunners don’t stand a chance! Or do they?

In Fieldrunners 2, over 30 different types of enemies rush the field like never before!  Moving like a swarm of locusts, each fieldrunner plans their own route through your deadly maze of towers.  Change your strategy and the enemies immediately adapt their paths for the optimal attack.  Wrapping around obstacles in massive waves, charging over bridges and under tunnels, inside trenches and over open fields, pummeling your defenses from as many routes as possible is all part of the fieldrunners’ plans.

Do you have what it takes to stop the fieldrunners? If you do, you just might discover their secret origins…

We’ll be announcing additional details over the next month. For up to the minute info, follow us on Twitter (@Fieldrunners), stop by our Fan Page (, and check out our Forums.