We’re thrilled to announce that Fieldrunners 2 HD is now available for iPad!  There’s more awesome tower defense fun than ever in this new and improved version of Fieldrunners 2, so we hope you get the chance to check it out!

New features:

Full iPad Retina support for beautiful, HD graphics!
Cannonball Tower lets you play pool with Fieldrunners!
Zap Tower electrocutes groups with chains of lightning!
Sonic Tower blasts enemies like a shotgun of sound!
Slow Link Tower freezes enemies as they march through lasers!
Machine Gun Tower fires powerful bullets with tracers!
• One and a half hours of developer commentary!
• Transfer game saves with iCloud! (iCloud coming to iPhone in the next update)

We’ve been getting rave reviews on the new towers – our engineers are particularly huge fans of the Machine Gun Tower, which initially might just seem like a more powerful Gatling Tower, but it also slows down enemies, opening up new opportunities for how you do battle. The new Cannonball Tower is loved by our designers because it shoots cannonballs that bounce around the battlefield before exploding and wrecking everyone nearby.  Lots of fun is waiting for you, so start saving up coins for this new towers now!

Developer’s Commentary is another interesting new feature – you can unlock this when you go to replay a map that you already beat. We’ve got 1.4 hours of behind the scenes chit chat with different folks on the dev team, and fans have been loving the insider info we’re sharing. You really don’t see anything like this in games, so we’re very excited to do something new and interesting.

iCloud has been a frequently requested feature, so we added it to Fieldrunners 2 HD.  We want people to be able to transfer save progress from the iPhone version as well, so the next update to Fieldrunners 2 for iPhone will add in iCloud support. Once that’s ready, players will be able to seamlessly transfer save games from device to device, despite the different SKUs.  In the meantime, you can manually transfer save data by using iExplorer – just copy and paste the whole Documents folder.

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