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Today is the big day – Fieldrunners 2 for PC is launching on Steam! Better yet, it will be discounted 10% for launch week, bringing the price down to USD$8.99. Prepare your defenses – the fieldrunners have arrived!

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Reforged for Desktops!

We were determined to give PC gamers a fantastic experience with Fieldrunners 2 for PC. Bringing the original Fieldrunners to Steam was a fantastic learning experience that helped us make the Fieldrunners 2 port better than ever. If you look at other games that start on mobile and make the jump to Steam, you’ll notice that a lot of them lack key features that PC gamers expect. This gives mobile ports on Steam a bad rap, so we want to set an example of how to do this right with Fieldrunners 2 on Steam.

It all started with a complete redesign of controls – we went above and beyond simply mimicking touch controls with a mouse by creating a new scheme that allows players to build their defenses with lightning speed thanks to auto tower placements with rapid fire mouse clicks. This will be a real game changer for players that want to master the battlefield in a way that simply isn’t possible on a touch screen.

Of course, we’ve also added an assortment of hot keys, all standard settings features that players want to have control over to create an optimal experience, as well as full Steamworks integration for cloud saves, global leaderboards and achievements. As PC gamers at heart, we’re really proud of everything we did to make Fieldrunners 2 the ultimate tower defense experience for PC gamers.

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