As of earlier this week, we had an update for our server. There were a few fixes that went in, but we are also planning on putting some more, larger fixes in the near future. Among some rare, smaller issues, … Continue reading

Update regarding Server Issues


Good afternoon, Runners. As a long weekend is about to start, we wanted to give you an update on the state of the game. A number of you have noticed a marked improvement in the performance and reliability of the … Continue reading

Good day, Runners. We’re aware of the server issues people have been having, and are working around the clock to make sure they get solved. The team has been working nonstop to get this problem resolved. While we do not … Continue reading

For years, you’ve been fending off waves and waves of Fieldrunners trying to take Grasslands. But how will you fare when it’s time to take the fight back? Get ready for Fieldrunners Attack! This time around, there are more than … Continue reading

Update to Fieldrunners 2 releases on iOS today Ever since Fieldrunners 2 was released, fans continually have asked for one thing: more levels. We have listened, and we are excited to release an update to Fieldrunners 2 that brings three … Continue reading

It is the season of giving, and therefore we are giving away huge discounts on Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2! Hurry because these deals will not last for long! And we wish everyone a happy holidays! iOS: Fieldrunners 2 – $0.99 Fieldrunners … Continue reading

Fieldrunners Report


Subatomic Studios is pleased to say that Fieldrunners 2 is out now for iPhone and iPod Touch! Click here to get the game! Fieldrunners appeared on the App Store the morning of Thursday, July 19th, and the team at Subatomic Studios could … Continue reading

Fieldrunners, the award-winning and top-selling iPhone and iPod Touch game, is planning a revolutionary experience on Apple’s new iPad. “We have chosen to name it ‘Fieldrunners for the iPad’ for a simple reason.” says Leo Montenegro, Creative Director of Subatomic … Continue reading

Watch the video of Fieldrunners #1 on G4TV’s Top iPhone Games! Video Game – E3 2010 – Tetris Continue reading