Good news, everyone: Our dreams have come true - we'll be releasing Fieldrunners HD for free for the first day! Sweet. This is all courtesy of Amazon, who noticed the trouble we'd been having and offered to help us out. Thank you, Amazon! We're very excited that we can now give the game away for free for the first day, and I hope you're all looking forward to this to. After all, we did this for you, the fans! Continue reading

We are thrilled to announce that Fieldrunners HD will be available in the Android Market this Thursday! Oh, but it get's better: to thank you all for your long time support, we've decided to make Fieldrunners HD 99c on launch day! Continue reading

Attention, Soldiers: The Official Fieldrunners Fan Club is now live on Facebook! According to top secret sources, lots of exciting things have been happening at Subatomic Studios. In order to share the breaking news, community updates, and other super confidential information, we've created a brand new, extra official Fieldrunners Facebook Fan Club to keep you all posted. Continue reading

Thanks to your continued support and feedback, Subatomic Studios proudly presents Fieldrunners 1.5.2 for the iPhone and 1.1.2 for the iPad, now available for download from the App Store. This comprehensive patch provides the most immersive version of the award-winning … Continue reading

Fieldrunners for iPad shown at the 2010 AWWDC keynote by Steve Jobs! Continue reading

Subatomic Studios has been nominated as an IGC finalist! Support Subatomic Studios and vote for Fieldrunners in the Gamer’s Choice Award! Continue reading

Hello Everyone! We’ve teaming up with OpenFeint to launch a week-long High Score contest starting today and running until January 24th, complete with daily prizes and a grand prize winner! How To Join: 1. Download Fieldrunners (if you don’t already … Continue reading

Watch the Subatomic Studios interview featured by Electric Playground at this year’s PAX! Fans of Fieldrunners for the iPhone and iPod Touch can look forward to the new Frostbite and Skyway expansion packs coming this holiday season! Continue reading

Hello, everyone! Subatomic Studios is proud to announce that Fieldrunners will be launching on the PSP Minis Store on October 1st! Those who have already experienced Fieldrunners on the iPhone are in for a treat!  The PSP version includes lots … Continue reading

Fieldrunners is coming to the Sony PSP! Fieldrunners wins Top 10 Game at PAX 2009! New content is coming soon to the iPhone! Stay tuned for details! Continue reading