We’re pleased to say that Fieldrunners for Steam is now available! ┬áThis version of the game is truly one of the best yet: it includes all 8 maps from the iPad version, as well as the new Poison Tower, Tower … Continue reading

Now that PAX East is officially over, the Fieldrunners would like to share their awesome adventure with the world! Our team was there in full force, charging the convention center while dodging towers, handing out Steam Keys for the Fieldrunners Beta, and taking pictures with cosplayers. If you missed out on the fun, here's a taste of the magic at PAX East! Continue reading

Subatomic Studios, the team behind Fieldrunners, will be at PAX giving away free Fieldrunners Steam keys! Continue reading

Fieldrunners Chrome is Back!


Fieldrunners Chrome is back up and running! We pushed through a few back end updates that will have the game running more smoothly than ever. Thanks for all your patience and support! Continue reading

Fieldrunners Chrome is temporarily down while we work on optimizing a few things. It will be back up soon, playing better than ever! Thanks for all your patience and support. Be sure to check our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter (@fieldrunners) for updates. Continue reading

Good news, everyone: Fieldrunners is now free to play right in your browser! How is this possible, you say? All thanks to the magic of HTML 5! We've ported a hi-def version of Fieldrunners into the powerful new language, allowing fans far and wide to play the game for free. Play Fieldrunners in HTML 5 now: chrome.fieldrunners.com Continue reading

LISTEN UP, SOLDIERS: Free Game Friday is here, and this time, we're gonna try something a little different. We're going to try... A FIELDRUNNERS POEM CONTEST. That's right. This ancient artform will get us to re-analyze our strategies and make sure we can really hit those Runners where it hurts! To help us out, our good friends over at Owlchemy Labshave put up a free copy of their hit iPhone game Snuggle Truck. We'll be using it for something we like to call "inspiration" but what you might call "a sweet prize". Read on to discover how you can win Fieldrunners and Snuggle Truck for iPhone or TWO copies of Fieldrunners HD for Android! Continue reading


The day has arrived: Fieldrunners HD is now available for Android users! For the first 24 hours fans outside the US can grab the game for (the equivalent of) $1 in the Android Market, and US based fans can download the game for free from the Amazon Appstore! So, get it while it's hot! Continue reading

Fieldrunners HD is scheduled to launch on Android tomorrow (Thursday, July 7th) at approximately 12 AM Pacific Time. Awesome! For the first 24 hours, the game will be featured on Amazon's Appstore as the "Free App of the Day." At the same time, fans outside of the US will be able to get Fieldrunners HD in the Android Market, where it will be discounted to (the equivalent of) $1 for the first 24 hours. Continue reading