Our good friends at GamerGuides have created an awesome strategy guide for Fieldrunners 2! They’ve played every map, used every weapon, and unlocked every card, so if you’re stuck, this guide is definitely for you.┬áTheir team has shown incredible dedication, going above and beyond what you would normally get out of a strategy guide, so we’re really pleased with the final results.

Click here to check out the Fieldrunners 2 Strategy Guide!

As an added bonus, the first thirty people who purchase the strategy guide will also get a free Steam key for Fieldrunners 2! Remember that you have to sign up for GamerGuides before you make your purchase.

Official Trailer

Key Features:

  • How to complete all 25 maps on Heroic difficulty with three stars.
  • The tricks to earning super high-scores!
  • Which levels are the best for earning those elusive gold coins!
  • Complete all survival maps without a single enemy getting out.
  • Every tower and item in the game – and how to get them.
  • Hidden Easter Eggs!
  • Exclusive map data – direct from Subatomic Studios!
  • Stunning HD screenshots.
  • All solutions can been watched in HD with audio commentary.

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